About us

Born and raised in a place and time which opening a window into the outside world was so strenuous, I fell in love with science and technology. But, at the time, I found all the books and sources obsolete and outdated. Translations, in many cases, were obscure and bewildering. So I decided to make my way through unknowns by “the language of opportunity”. Another problem, however, arose; finding the latest edition of books, magazines, newspapers and other publications was a great obstacle. Even when I listened to a western song, there weren’t enough sources to check my understanding about the lyric. Moreover, for improving your skills like listening you couldn’t even find a movie or a video based on a real situation; there were just teaching video materials such as Follow Me which was a series of television programs providing a crash course in the English language. For speaking, you couldn’t meet a native speaker and a real communication was a dream. But with emerging new technologies, specifically the Internet, everything changed and a new era begun. Now, massive amounts of information are available at one’s fingertips. And if you just be a real seeker and diligent person for learning English, everything is ready. Here you are. Stay hungry, Stay foolish.